Music Faculty ‘take over’ the Ashmolean for Live Friday: Supersonic

On the evening of Friday March 3rd the Music Faculty and Oxford Contemporary Music will take over the Ashmolean Museum for a sonic and musical extravaganza!

Experience sound on multiple levels of the museum and enjoy live music performances, sound installations, film, instrumental workshops, interactive talks and soundscapes.

There will be performances from student electronic ensembles such as Sal Para (Tremor Recordings) and Wandering Wires.  ‘Bite-sized’ lectures from Prof Eric Clarke Prof Gascia Ouzounian and post-doc Cayenna Ponchione.  An electroacoustic re-working of prof Robert Saxton’s guitar composition Night Dance, featuring Nick Fowler (electric guitar) and Dan Hulme (electronics), an Interactive Songwriting Workshop with Trio of Men (who will be in the Faculty earlier that day).  Sound art Installations and a performance from Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri (St Johns College sound artist-in-residence) and later a Q&A with her and our own Prof Jason Stanyek, plus various sonic art installations provided by OCM, including a ‘swinging’ concert grand piano suspended high in the Atrium space..