Music Faculty Recording Studio Spaces: COVID-19 Strategy

Booking times

  • Studios 1 and 3 will be bookable on-the-hour between 9am and 5pm, weekdays. Session length will be strictly 45 min, 1hr 45 min or 2hr 45 min.
  • Studio 2 will be bookable on the half-hour between 9.30am and 4.30pm, weekdays. Session length will be strictly 45 min, 1hr 45 min or 2hr 45 min.
  • All bookings to be made through the Studio Booking Portal, here:

The studios remain closed on the weekends.

Exits and entrances

  • Users must enter and exit the studio corridor through the main entrance. Please strictly observe booked times and wear a mask until in your studio.
  • Users must enter and exit the Practice Block through its main entrance.
  • Users must enter and exit the Ensemble Room through its side doors. Please leave these doors open to allow new air to circulate into the room.


  • Users must observe each rooms’ maximum capacity, which is

Studio 1: Two people; observing 2-metre distancing

Studio 2: One person

Studio 3: One person

  • Users must fully sanitise the computer keyboard, work area and any other studio equipment used with supplied cleaning products before and after use.
  • Users must open window in studios 1 and 2 to allow air to circulate. Studio 3 users, please activate the air conditioning unit. Please leave on time at the end of your booking to allow 15 minutes for new air to circulate before the next booking.
  • Users entering the studio corridors and the practice block will need to wear a mask and keep a 2m distance if queueing to get into the block via their access point.
  • Users must use the hand sanitiser upon entering the studios.
  • If users wish to use the MIDI controller keyboards or piano in studio 2, they must use alcohol wipes (present in each room) to clean all keys, before and after use.
  • It is possible to arrange a socially-distant recording session in the DAH (max 8 people, including recordist) or the Ensemble room (max 3 people, including recordist). Please do this in consultation with the studio manager


Daniel Hulme, Electronic Music Studio Manager: