Dr Henry Hope

Lecturer at Magdalen College

MSt (Oxon), M.A. (Weimar)


Medieval Music: Minnesang, vernacular song repertories, and early polyphony.
18th-Century Music Aesthetics: Johann Gottfried Herder.
Historiography: GDR musicology, interdisciplinarity, and medieval musicology.


The Middle Ages provide an anchor point for much of Henry Hope’s work, though he is also interested in 18th-century aesthetics (especially Johann Gottfried Herder), reception history, and the history of musicology. Hope studied musicology, English literature, and cultural management at the Universities of Weimar and Jena, before coming to Oxford to pursue his postgraduate studies. Hope is currently completing his doctoral research on the musicality of Minnesang, which unites interests in medieval manuscripts and repertoires with the history of musicology. He publishes a blog: Henry Hope’s Blog. His first reviews of books and CDs have recently appeared in Music & Letters and Early Music.

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