Dr Laura Slater

Postdoctoral Research Fellow on the ERC-funded ‘Music and Late Medieval European Courtly Cultures’ research project (MALMECC)


Laura is a Fulford Junior Research Fellow at Somerville College, and a Postdoctoral Research Fellow on the ERC-funded ‘Music and Late Medieval European Courtly Cultures’ research project (MALMECC), focussing on ‘Gender, Lineage and Patterns of Patronage in Late Medieval France, England and the Low Countries’. She is researching the cultural patronage and courtly role/s of Queen Philippa of Hainault, looking particularly at the illuminated manuscripts associated with her and their unusual musical content. Her broader research interests centre on the relationships between art, ideas, power and politics in medieval Britain and Europe. She is also interested in medieval responses to antiquity and the Holy Land.


Laura completed her AHRC-funded PhD in History of Art at King’s College, University of Cambridge. She has been a Visiting Research Fellow at Trinity College Dublin on the FP7-funded ‘History Books in the Anglo-Norman World’ project; a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of York on the ERC-funded ‘Visual Translations of Jerusalem in Europe’ project; an Affiliated Lecturer in History of Art at the University of Cambridge and a Teaching Fellow in History of Art at University College London.  In 2015-2016, she held a Postdoctoral Fellowship from The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, London to complete her monograph, Art and Political Thought in Medieval England c. 1150-1350.  Outside the MALMECC project, she is working on a cultural history of the Anglo-Scottish Wars and a study of medieval Egyptology.

Selected Publications


Art and Political Thought in Medieval England c. 1150-1350 (Woodbridge: The Boydell Press, 2018)

Joanna Bellis and Laura Slater, ed. Representing War and Violence 1250-1600 (Woodbridge: The Boydell Press, 2016)

Book Chapters and Articles

‘Matthew Paris, Cecilia de Sanford and the Early Readership of the Vie de Seint Auban’ in Laura Cleaver and Andrea Worm, ed. Writing History in the Anglo-Norman World. Manuscripts, Makers and Readers c. 1066- c. 1250 (York: York Medieval Press, 2018)

‘Imagining Place and Moralising Space: Jerusalem at Medieval Westminster,’ British Art Studies 6 (2017): http://www.britishartstudies.ac.uk/issues/issue-index/issue-6/moralizing-space

‘Lessons in Leadership and Liturgy in the Winchcombe Psalter,’ English Studies 98.1 (2017): 49-62.

‘“Representation” and Medieval Mediations of Violence,’ co-authored with Joanna Bellis in Joanna Bellis and Laura Slater, ed. Representing War and Violence 1250-1600 (Woodbridge: The Boydell Press, 2016), pp.1-22

‘Representing Political Violence in La Estoire de Seint Aedward le Rei,’ in Joanna Bellis and Laura Slater, ed. Representing War and Violence 1250-1600 (Woodbridge: The Boydell Press, 2016), pp.116-136

‘Recreating the Judean Hills? English Hermits and the Holy Land,’ Journal of Medieval History 42.5 (2016): 603-626

‘Jerusalem Transformed in Post-Reformation England: The Case of the Cliffords and Beamsley Hospital,’ Northern History 53:1 (2016): 69-79

‘Defining Queenship at Greyfriars London, c.1300-1358,’Gender & History 27:1 (2015): 53-76

‘Visual Reflections on History and Kingship in the Medieval English Great Church,’ Journal of the British Archaeological Association 167 (2014): 83-108

‘Finding Jerusalem in Medieval Pontefract,’ Northern History 51:2 (2014): 211-220

‘Queen Isabella of France and the Politics of the Taymouth Hours,’ Viator 43 (2012): 209-245

Selected Recent Talks

International Medieval Congress, Leeds, July 2018: ‘Philippa of Hainault and her Manuscripts’, part of MALMECC-sponsored panel session

Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference, Maynooth, July 2018: ‘Space and Sound in the Psalter of Queen Philippa’

Cultures of Anne Clifford Conference, Kendal, July 2018: ‘Sacred Geography and the Devotions of the Clifford Women’

St Robert in His Time, Public Event, Knaresborough, July 2018: ‘St Robert and the Holy Land’

Somerville Medievalist Research Group Workshop, University of Oxford, June 2018: ‘Opening the Senses’

Association of Art Historians Conference, London, April 2018: ‘Devotional Soundscapes in the Psalter of Queen Philippa’

Literature Across Cultures: Berlin-Oxford Workshop, University of Oxford, March 2018: joint presentation with David Murray, ‘Introduction to the MALMECC project’

Cultural Production at Ecclesiastical Court, MALMECC workshop, February 2018: ‘Women and Ecclesiastical Courts’

Dr Williams’s Library, February 2018: ‘Queen Philippa of Hainault and her Psalter’

Cambridge Medieval Art Seminar, November 2017: ‘Across Court and Cloister: Jerusalem in Medieval Europe’

Somerville College, Oxford, October 2017: ‘Music and Lay Devotion in Medieval England’

Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, Research Lunch, May 2017: ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’: Art at Court in the Aftermath of the Barons’ War, 1258-1266’

Methodological Innovation in Medieval Studies, MALMECC workshop, April 2017: ‘Gender, Lineage and Patterns of Patronage: Introduction to the MALMECC project’

Charles University, Prague, HERA ‘Sound Memories’ project meeting, September 2016: ‘Performing Monarchy in Medieval England’

Murray Seminars on Medieval and Renaissance Art, Birkbeck College, June 2016: ‘Talking Back to Power? Art and Political Opinion in Early Fourteenth-Century England’

Showcasing Art History, ‘Image and Imagination in Late Medieval Europe, c.1200-1500’, The Courtauld Institute, January 2016: ‘Imagining Jerusalem in Medieval England’

History Books in the Anglo-Norman World conference, Trinity College Dublin, May 2015: ‘Picturing the Past in Matthew Paris’ Vie de Saint Auban

Late Medieval Seminar, Institute of Historical Research, University of London, February 2015: ‘Political Spin in Fourteenth Century England? The Reputation of Queen Isabella of France’

Representations of the Holy Land: Challenging the Phenomenon through New Case Studies conference, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, December 2014: ‘Westminster Abbey- the Plantagenet Jerusalem?’

Remembering Jerusalem: Imagination, Memory and the City conference, King’s College London, November 2014: ‘Jerusalem in Northampton: Christian Histories and Local Memories’

Invention and Imagination in British Architecture, 600-1500 conference, The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, London/British Museum, November 2014: ‘Inventing and Imagining Place: Jerusalems in England and the Case of Westminster’

Wahrnehmung und Rezeption Jerusalems im deutschen und italienische Sprachraum/Perceptions and Translations of Jerusalem in German and Italian Speaking Areas conference, Universität Salzburg, August 2014: ‘The Red Mount Chapel: Jerusalem in East Anglia’

International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds, July 2014: ‘Lessons in Leadership at Winchcombe Abbey’ and chairing Session 1125, ‘Fragmented Body Politic, I: Bodies of Land and Fragments of Empire’

Post-doctoral Showcase, University of York, June 2014: ‘Visual Translations of Jerusalem: Memory, Politics, Devotion’

Imagining Jerusalem, c.1099 to the Present Day: AHRC-funded research network project workshop, University of York, February 2014: ‘The Politics of Jerusalem Translations’