Dr Sebastian Wedler

Junior Research Fellow, St. Hilda's College, University of Oxford College Lecturer in Music, Merton College, University of Oxford


Sebastian is a Junior Research Fellow at St. Hilda’s College, Oxford, as well as a College Lecturer in Music at Merton College, Oxford. He completed his doctorate with a dissertation on Anton Webern’s tonal music (1899–1908) in 2017 at the University of Oxford, under the supervision of Jonathan Cross. He is currently preparing a monograph on the early Webern. He has been elected ‘Prize Scholar’ at Merton College, is winner of the ‘Link 2 Future’ Award from the Institute of Psychoanalysis Zurich (PSZ), received scholarships from the Arts and Humanities Research Council UK, Merton College, and the Paul Sacher Foundation, Switzerland, and has been recently nominated as an ‘Outstanding Tutor’ in the Humanities by the Oxford University Student Union.

He splits his time between Oxford and Princeton, NJ.

Selected Publications

Review of Der junge Webern: Texte und Kontexte, ed. Thomas Ahrend, Matthias Schmidt (Vienna: Lafite, 2015), Music Letters (forthcoming)

‘Review of Der junge Webern: Texte und Kontexte, ed. Thomas Ahrend, Matthias Schmidt’, Music & Letters 98:2 (2017), 313-315. DOI: 10.1093/ml/gcx033<https://doi.org/10.1093/ml/gcx033&gt;

‘Zum Problem der Sonatenform in Anton Weberns früher post-tonaler Musik’, in Jahrbuch des Staatlichen Instituts für Musikforschung Preussischer Kulturbesitz, ed. Simone Hohmaier (Mainz: Schott, forthcoming)

‘Thus Spoke the Early Modernist: Zarathustra and Rotational Form in Webern’s String Quartet (1905)’, Twentieth-Century Music 12:2 (2015), 225–251. DOI: 10.1017/S1478572215000043

Recent and Upcoming Conference Papers and Research Colloquia

‘Tonal Pairing as a Strategy of Lyrical Time: Anton Webern’s Langsamer Satz (1905)’, Tenth Biennial International Conference on Music Since 1900 and Surrey Music Analysis Conference, University of Surrey, UK, 11–14 September 2017

‘Anton Webern’s Tonally Moving Moods’, Royal Musical Association 53rd Annual Conference, University of Liverpool, UK, 7–9 September 2017

‘Adorno and the Politics of Musical Landscape’, 6th Conference of the Royal Musical Association Music and Philosophy Study Group, King’s College London, UK, 13–14 July 2017

‘Tonal Pairing as a Strategy of Lyrical Time: Anton Webern’s Langsamer Satz (1905)’, 9th European Music Analysis Conference, Strasbourg, France, 28 June–1 July 2017

‘Anton Webern’s Tonally Moving Moods’, Research Forum, Department of Music, The University of Manchester, UK, 23 March 2017


Teaching, University of Oxford

Lectures (undergraduate): Analysis Portfolio

Lectures (undergraduate): Musical Analysis and Criticism

Seminars (postgraduate), with Professor Laura Tunbridge: Current Trends in Music Theory and Analysis

College Teaching

Eighteenth-Century Opera: An Introduction

Issues in the Study of Music

Modernism in Vienna: 1900–1935

Musical Analysis

Musical Analysis and Criticism

Musical Thought and Scholarship

Pastoral Idylls, National Anxieties: The Nineteenth-Century Symphony

Richard Strauss and the Representation of Women

Richard Wagner: The Romantic Operas and Music Dramas

The String Quartet after Beethoven



Email: sebastian.wedler@music.ox.ac.uk