University Professors and College Fellows

Suzanne Aspden

Professor Suzanne Aspden

Associate Professor; Fellow and Tutor, Jesus College; Lecturer at Lincoln College

Research interests in 17th and 18th-century opera; music in Britain; the construction of identity through music; music and politics; 18th-century performance aesthetics; dance music.

Georgina Born

Professor Georgina Born

Professor of Music and Anthropology; Professorial Fellow, Mansfield College

Anthropology and sociology of music, culture and (digital) media; music in the late 20th and 21st centuries; music and mediation; social and cultural theory; ethnography; cultural production; cultural institutions; public service broadcasting, television, cultural and media policy; interdisciplinarity.

Joanna Bullivant

Dr Joanna Bullivant

Departmental Lecturer in Historical Musicology in association with St Catherine's College

Nineteenth- and twentieth-century music; British music (Alan Bush, Britten, Tippett, Elgar, Delius); musical modernism; music and politics, communism; digital musicology

Michael Burden

Professor Michael Burden

Professor of Opera Studies; Dean, Chattels and Pictures Fellow, New College

Research interests in opera and theatre history, 20th-century music theatre and chamber opera, and English and Italian 18th-century music. Opera Producer.

Eric Clarke

Professor Eric Clarke

Heather Professor of Music; Professorial Fellow, Wadham College

Research interests in the psychology of music, particularly the psychology of performance, and the application of ecological theory to music perception; music and empathy; analysis of pop music; aesthetics and semiotics of music; history and analysis of recordings; C19th instrumental practices.

Jonathan Cross

Professor Jonathan Cross

Professor of Musicology; Student and Tutor, Christ Church

Research interests in 20th- and 21st-century music, especially Stravinsky and Birtwistle; spectral music; modernism; theory and analysis.

Samantha Sebastian Dieckmann

Professor Samantha Sebastian Dieckmann

Music Fellow and Tutor, Somerville College; Associate Professor, Faculty of Music

Music education, Community music, Applied ethnomusicology, Secondary school music curricula, Migration and diaspora, Intercultural relations, Organised cultural encounters

Steven Grahl

Professor Steven Grahl

Associate Professor; Organist, Student and Tutor, Christ Church

Conductor and Organist; research interests in performance, and choral and vocal pedagogy.

Daniel Grimley

Professor Daniel Grimley

Douglas Algar Tutorial Fellow in Music at Merton College; Professor of Music; Deputy Head of Humanities

Music, landscape, cultural geography, ecocriticism and the environmental humanities. Scandinavian Music (Grieg, Sibelius, Carl Nielsen) and English music (Elgar, Vaughan Williams, Delius).

Martyn Harry

Professor Martyn Harry

Professor of Composition; Fellow and Tutor, St Anne's College; Lecturer at St Hilda's College

Composition, contemporary music, music theatre.

Sarah Hill

Professor Sarah Hill

Associate Professor; Fellow and Tutor, St Peter's College

historiography of 20th-century popular music, Welsh-language popular music, the cultural history of psychedelic music in San Francisco, progressive rock, female vocality, and popular music and cultural identity.

Thomas Hodgson

Dr Thomas Hodgson

Departmental Lecturer in Music in association with LMH

Algorithms & Artificial Intelligence
Music and Pakistan
Music and Globalisation

Karl Kügle

Professor Karl Kügle

Senior Research Fellow, Wadham College

His main research interest is the study of European music cultures of the late medieval period (c. 1250-1450), with a particular focus on the role of manuscript culture in music, interaction between social ritual and music in courtly life, and sound and music in the context of the Christian liturgy.

Elizabeth Eva Leach, FBA

Professor Elizabeth Eva Leach, FBA

Professor of Music; Fellow and Tutor in Music, St Hugh's College; Lecturer at Exeter College

Musicologist and music theorist. Research interests in songs, counterpoint, and singing, with a particular focus on medieval secular lyrics in French. Other interests include music and philosophy, ideas of musical meaning, music analysis (especially of pre-tonal repertoires), music and gender, and music in literature.

Christian Leitmeir

Professor Christian Leitmeir

Associate Professor in Music; Tutorial Fellow in Music, Magdalen College

Christian Leitmeir’s research evolves primarily around medieval music theory and early modern music in Continental Europe (with a regional emphasis on Central Eastern Europe).

Professor Gascia Ouzounian

Professor Gascia Ouzounian

Associate Professor; Fellow and Tutor, Lady Margaret Hall

Robert Quinney

Professor Robert Quinney

Associate Professor; Organist and Tutorial Fellow in Music, New College

The music of J.S. Bach, in particular the organ works and sacred vocal music. Performance practice. Modernism, in particular the relationship between Modernist musicians and earlier repertoires.

Owen Rees

Professor Owen Rees

Professor of Music; Organist, Fellow and Tutor, The Queen's College; Senior Research Fellow, Somerville College

Research interests in music of the 15th to 17th centuries, particularly in Spain, Portugal and England.

Robert Saxton

Professor Robert Saxton

Professor of Composition; Fellow and Tutor, Worcester College

Composer. Research interests include large-scale harmonic/structural issues in music from the late-18th to the late-20th centuries, and the relationship between tradition and contemporary compositional thought and practice.

Jason Stanyek

Professor Jason Stanyek

Associate Professor; Fellow and Tutor, St. John's College

Research interests in Brazilian music, sound studies, music technology, hip hop, posthumous duets, jazz, music and diaspora, ethnography, critical theory, improvisation.

Laura Tunbridge

Professor Laura Tunbridge

Professor of Music; Henfrey Fellow and Tutor, St Catherine's College

Research interests in 19th and 20th-century music, song, chamber music, opera studies, reception history and analysis.

Sebastian Wedler

Dr Sebastian Wedler

Departmental Lecturer, Faculty of Music; Director of Studies for Music, Merton College; Stipendiary Lecturer in Music, University College

James Whitbourn

Dr James Whitbourn

Fellow and Director of Music, St Edmund Hall; Senior Research Fellow, St Stephen’s House.

Composition; Conducting; Performance in the context of recording and broadcast.