Professor Daniel Grimley

Professor of Music; Fellow and Tutor, Merton College; Lecturer at University College

MA, PhD (Cantab)


Late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century music; especially Scandinavian music (Grieg, Sibelius, Carl Nielsen), and English music (Elgar, Vaughan Williams, Delius); music, landscape and cultural geography; ecocriticism and the environmental humanities.


Dan’s research is concerned with music, landscape, and cultural geography, with particular reference to Scandinavian music and early twentieth-century English music. Drawing widely on analytical, historical and critical theoretical models, Dan’s writing examines landscape both as a medium of representation or description and as a mode of embodiment or performance. His work is concerned with the ways in which particular landscapes shape our responses to music and sound, and equally the extent to which our sense of landscape and environment responds to patterns or fields of acoustic perception.


Dan’s first monograph, Grieg: Music, Landscape and Norwegian Identity (Boydell and Brewer , 2006), developed a critical reappraisal of cultural nationalism through analysis of the role which music and landscape played in the formation of Norwegian identity in the nineteenth century. His second monograph, on Carl Nielsen, considers landscape as part of a complex engagement with musical modernism, in dialogue with received traditions of identity, structure and narrative.


Dan has taught at the Universities of Surrey (2000-2002) and Nottingham (2002-9), before which he was Centenary Research Fellow at Selwyn College, Cambridge. He is Principal Investigator of the interdisciplinary Leverhulme Network Hearing Landscape Critically, and in 2011 he was Scholar-in-Residence at the Bard Music Festival, for which he edited a volume with Princeton University Press. Future research plans include a monograph on Delius, a wider study of landscape in Nordic Music, 1890-1930, and a co-edited volume on music, landscape, and cultural geography.

Dan has spoken widely at conferences in the USA, Australia, Canada and Europe, and convened meetings on Nielsen (2001), Elgar (2002), and co-convened (with Sarah Hibberd) the Annual Meeting of the Royal Musical Association at Nottingham in 2006. He was one of the editors of the leading peer-review journal Music & Letters (Oxford University Press) for over 8 years, and is now an associate editor of The Musical Quarterly . He has been one of the leaders of the interdisciplinary Environmental Humanities initiative at Oxford, hosted by TORCH.




Dr Daniel Grimley
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