Research Students

These pages document research students and their projects and activities within the Faculty. Current students include:

Lyndsey Hoh

Christabel Stirling – Wadham College

Isabel de Berrié – Wolfson College

Eugene Birman – Christ Church College

Leah Broad – Christ Church

Mark Clayden – University College

Tim Coombes – Merton College

Huw Davies – Worcester College

Blake Durham – Worcester College

Ellen Anne Davies – Lady Margaret Hall

Joe Davies – St Hugh’s College

Henry Drummond – Merton College

Chris Ferebee – St Hilda’s College

Samantha Fernando – Worcester College

Adam Harper – Wadham College

Lyndsey Marie Hoh – St John’s College

Maria Kallionpaa – Lincoln College

Dionysios Kyropoulos – New College

Christopher Ku – Worcester College

Marc Lewon – St Hugh’s College

Ann Liebeck – Somerville College

Luke Lewis – Christ Church College

C.J. May – Lincoln College

Emily MacGregor

Pete McAllister – St Catherine’s College

Rory McCleery – The Queen’s College

Des Oliver – Worcester College

Katherine Pardee – Wadham College

Emily Payne – St Peter’s College

Marilou Polymeropoulou – St Peter’s College

Christian von Goldbeck – Magdalen College

David Stuart – New College

Mark Sweeney – Hertford College

Carina Venter – Christ Church College

Alexi Vellianitis – St Peter’s College

Victor Vu – St John’s College

Sebastian Wedler – Merton College

Simon Whalley – Keble College

Maria Witek – Wadham College

Toby Young – New College

Matthew F. Reese – St. Anne’s College