IT Support

This section will give you all the necessary information about the IT facilities provided by the Faculty and the University as well you will find useful links to the services provided and resources.

Contacting IT Support

If you have any IT enquiries, please contact:

By email –

By phone –   +44 (01865 2)76160

Or the IT Services Help Centre:

By email-

By phone-   +44 (01865 6)12345



The music faculty provides it’s members a network copy of the Sibelius scoring software.  More information can be found here.

Your Oxford SSO account

Your Oxford Single Sign-On account entitles you to use all University resources provided by IT Services and many others run by other parts of the University. It is called a Single Sign-On Account as you can access multiple services with a single login and it is sometimes called just your SSO account. Your SSO username (or Oxford username) is the username part of your account credentials. You need to activate your account to set it up and change the password at least once a year.

A Single Sign-On account is created automatically for you. For new students, your username and activation code will be sent by email to the address held by student records sometime before 1st September. Please ensure has a working email address for you. Otherwise, it will be sent by internal mail to your main University address.

To activate your account or change password click here

Getting on with your emails

Email in Oxford is part of the Nexus service, run by the University’s IT Services.

The Music Faculty email are in the form of

Students may also be given an email address. These emails accounts are delivered into a single email account called Nexus.

Accessing your Nexus account

Nexus can be accessed via the web or by a range of client programs, on your computer or mobile device.

Directly on the web

Email using a web browser. By using your normal web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox etc.) you can access your mailbox to send and receive emails, access your contacts and your calendar.

You can access your email using your browser here.

Via an email program

Set up your email program. Using a program installed on your computer you get access to your email. If you use a Microsoft client such as Outlook you can share and delegate access to your calendar, contacts and other features.

You can configure your email client here.

Using your mobile

Email on a mobile device. Nexus is accessible on the move through your mobile (advice given on a ‘best efforts’ basis only).

Please click here for more information.

Connecting to the Internet

You can connect to the internet using the wired network or wireless connection (wifi) throughout the Music Faculty.

Wireless network access is currently available via the following:

Eduroam – Needs SSO usename and Remote Access password to connect.

OWL – Needs VPN software and SSO usename and Remote Access password to connect.

Bodleian Libraries – Needs University barcode number and date of birth to connect

Click on the name of the wireless network above to find out more information.

Useful Links

Weblearn, the university’s centrally-hosted virtual learning environment:

Sharepoint, the collaborative working environment:

Getting Office 365 via onthehub