Getting on with your emails

Email in Oxford is part of the Nexus service, run by the University’s IT Services.

The Music Faculty email are in the form of

Students may also be given an email address. These emails accounts are delivered into a single email account called Nexus.

Accessing your Nexus account

Nexus can be accessed via the web or by a range of client programs, on your computer or mobile device.

Directly on the web

Email using a web browser. By using your normal web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox etc.) you can access your mailbox to send and receive emails, access your contacts and your calendar.

You can access your email using your browser here.

Via an email program

Set up your email program. Using a program installed on your computer you get access to your email. If you use a Microsoft client such as Outlook you can share and delegate access to your calendar, contacts and other features.

You can configure your email client here.

Using your mobile

Email on a mobile device. Nexus is accessible on the move through your mobile (advice given on a ‘best efforts’ basis only).

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