Masters Students

MSt in Music

The MSt in Music is  a one year course which offers an introduction to the broad range of current methodologies and approaches in music scholarship. Students choose on application to specialise in either:

  • Musicology
  • Composition
  • Performance

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MPhil in Music

The MPhil in Music is a two-year course whose first year, and assessment, is identical to that of the MSt course. Students may apply directly for entry to it or MSt students who successfully complete their course at a high level may apply to proceed directly into the second year of the MPhil.

The second year of the MPhil allows students to research more thoroughly into their chosen field.

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The Oxford 1+1 MBA

The Oxford 1+1 MBA is a unique opportunity for talented individuals to combine the Master of Studies in Music with a one-year MBA at Oxford’s Said Business School. This powerful combination allows you to gain deep knowledge and expertise in your specialist fields, as well as developing a comprehensive understanding of business, exceptional leadership skills and practical experience.

As a 1+1 MBA student, you will spend your first year completing the MSt in Music before joining the MBA in your second year.

You will play a pivotal role in Oxford’s commitment to equipping future leaders with the tools to engage with a wide range of ideas and disciplines. Along with other 1+1 MBA students you will be one of many connections between the business school and the rest of the University of Oxford: you will integrate your disciplinary knowledge from the Master into the MBA, and share information about the research and projects taking place around the University with your peers on the MBA.

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