Betts Programmes for Organists

After you come up to Oxford, the Betts Association can help to support your organ studies, as well as your work in your college chapels. The Betts Association, headed by the Betts Fellow in Organ Studies, offers masterclasses in organ by internationally-renowned performers and teachers, and catch-up classes in topics that may be of use to organ scholars, such as an Anglican Chant Primer; Running an efficient and effective choir rehearsal; Useful Organ Repertoire, etc. Social occasions are also important, since organ scholars often work in isolation from one another.

The annual Organ Scholars Dinner is a particular highlight of the year, and a time when all the organ scholars can come together, get to know each other, and compare notes. In addition, the Betts Association organises trips to the Continent once or twice a year to visit and play historic organs. These trips, generously supported by the Betts Fund, are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to play some of the magnificent organs so often seen in pictures and heard in recordings.

Not only are these study tours true eye-openers to the rich world of organ literature and music history, but they are also tremendous fun and a good way to get to know colleagues.