Course Structure

Various forms of assessment are used in University examinations: written paper, practical test, portfolio submission, take-away paper and recital.

The First Year

The first year ends with the First Public Examination, Preliminary Examination in Music (‘Prelims’). It is necessary to pass Prelims before proceeding to further study. In the first year students study three compulsory papers:- Techniques of Composition and Keyboard Skills, Analysis, and Special Topics.   They also offer two options out of Issues in the Study of Music, Extended Essay, Composition and Performance.

The Second and Third Years

The final year ends with the Second Public Examination, the Final Honour School in Music (‘Finals’). A candidate may choose up to four options (50% of the total) that are assessed by portfolio submission or take-away paper, or up to two options (25% of the total) that are assessed by recital and practical tests, with the remainder assessed by written paper.

In order to give you an idea of how this works – here is What our Students are Studying Now

College Collections

Colleges also set internal exams called ‘Collections’. These are designed to give focus to an undergraduate’s studies, to monitor progress, and to provide practice in examination technique. The forms of assessment vary from examination to examination, and from College to College. The results of the Collections do not form part of the University Examinations.