Access and Outreach

The Faculty of Music at Oxford welcomes applicants from any and all backgrounds: if you’re excited about music and about the prospect of studying its history and theory — as well as composing and performing it — then Oxford could be for you!  If you’re thinking about studying Music here, we invite you to come to one of our open days.  Alternatively, the Oxford and Cambridge Student Conferences run every March, in different locations around the country; these can also give you a taste of what we have to offer.  You’ll find more information here: You may also be interested in the UNIQ summer schools:

Music Education

Our Music Education programme is a new course, allowing second- and third-year Music students to develop knowledge and skills fundamental to the planning, provision, and evaluation of effective music learning in schools, and giving kids and teachers with little experience of music (and especially music in school) the chance to explore music’s benefits for themselves and for their broader engagement with the curriculum. Alongside regular local placements in schools, our students will work with professional musicians to plan and deliver educational outreach programmes.

Music in the Community is an existing course for second- and third-year students, which allows students to engage with specialist partner organisations who bring music to groups of people with special needs. Through this programme, student participants develop their musicianship and creativity, and access the therapeutic dimensions of music making and emotional expression; they work with specialist charities such as Turtle Key Arts and Sing Inside. These placements offer musical encounters that enrich the lives of young people with autism, dementia sufferers, those in prisons and others with little or no access to music.

Access and Outreach

Alongside our Music Education programme, we are currently expanding our work in outreach and access. Funding raised through our Sound Thinking Campaign will allow us to run several Faculty Fun Days throughout the academic year for visiting schoolchildren. Visitors to the Faculty will actively explore the Faculty’s Bate Collection of Musical Instruments and Electronic Music Studios and take part in a Gamelan workshop. The programme for each Faculty Fun Day is tailored to each visiting group, and it allows Faculty of Music students to extend their skills by actively participating in outreach.

The funding provided by the Finzi Trust and supportive alumni has also allowed us to arrange reciprocal visits for school children, so that professional performers in conjunction with Faculty students can offer taster concerts in schools.

If you are interested in bringing a school group to the Faculty of Music or just in finding out more about the Faculty’s Music Education Campaign, please contact the Faculty by emailing

Bate Collection: Javanese Gamelan Workshops

The gamelan is an Indonesian orchestra of bronze gongs and other metallophones. Learn to play a traditional Javanese piece while exploring the use of cyclic patterns and pentatonic scales. Discover the cultural context of the music, the influence of gamelan on composers, and how to employ gamelan techniques and structures in group composition. For all bookings, please email

If you have any specific queries, you can of course drop an email to the Faculty.  We plan to run more Access and Outreach programmes in future, so watch this space!

The Faculty Outreach and Access Officer is Professor Suzanne Aspden.

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