DPhil Music student Caetano Santos presents at the ICTM Dialogues 2021

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, pressing worldwide protest against racism and calls for Decolonization, the International Council for Traditional Music has been running a yearlong virtual academic event, the ICTM Dialogues 2021: Towards Decolonization of Music and Dance Studies.

The series aims to focus on decolonizing music and dance studies from multiple viewpoints, and hosts presenters from different parts of the world, speaking in different languages and with diverse backgrounds, seeking to generate a fertile debate among scholars, artists, culture bearers, and community-based activists.

Caetano Santos, a 2nd year DPhil student at the Faculty and Merton College sponsored by the Clarendon/Stuart Hall Foundation scholarship, is the next presenter, next Saturday, at 2PM (GMT+1). He will be sharing the floor with four of his research interlocutors and musical partners, Haitian immigrant artists living in southern Brazil, to discuss Haitian music making in the country as this recent diaspora in Brazil completes its first decade of existence.

During the conversation, attention will also be given to the effects of the pandemic on Haitian migrants and music making in Brazil as well as the repercussions of the Black Lives Matter movement and anti-racist struggle under president Bolsonaro’s stance of double denial, which dismisses structural racism and Covid-19 as “imported” threats to national security.

Visit the ICTM Dialogues website for registration and more details about the event.