English folk tunes, borders, nationalism and race

Folk Tunes and Englishness (landscape) - designed by Simon Reid

Dr Alice Little has launched the third episode in her new podcast series ‘Folk Tunes and Englishness‘. In this episode, Dr Alice Little speaks with folk musicians and researchers Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcouhn, Nicola Beazley, Stewart Hardy, Tom Kitching, and Marie Bashiru about the borders of English folk music – regionally, racially, and conceptually. From the traditions of the North East to those of the North West, from Scottish musicians in England to the influences of Irish immigration, this episode features recordings of a range of folk music (including previously unreleased tracks) in addition to the discussion.

In this 3-part podcast series, Dr Alice Little speaks with folk musicians, researchers and music collectors about English folk music in history, in performance today, and what it means for music to be ‘English’. The series from Becky Price, Rob Harbron, Sam Sweeney, Matt Coatsworth, Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcouhn, Alan Lamb, Marie Bashiru, Jeremy Barlow, Nicola Beazley, Stewart Hardy, and Tom Kitching. Each episode includes discussion as well as musical demos and recordings provided by the musicians.

Dr Alice Little is a Knowledge Exchange Fellow with the University of Oxford and the English Folk Dance and Song Society.

All the episodes are now available on Anchor by Spotify.