Operatic Workings of the Mind:

Representations of Consciousness in Eighteenth-Century Opera


Thursday 20 September

12.00: Registration

Session 1: 12.30 – 1.45

Rebekah Ahrendt, ‘Masters of Fate or Victims of Madness? Suicide at the Paris Opéra’

Anne Desler, ‘”La stomachevole, ed orrida Morte di Catone medesimo in Scena”:  Metastasio’s Catone in Utica and the Construction of Historical Characters on the 18th-Century Italian Stage’


Session 2: 2.00 – 4.30

David Taylor, ‘The Rational Pleasures of Addison’s Rosamond: Visuality, History, and Peace of Mind’

Rebecca Tierney-Hynes, ‘Semioperatic Semiotics: King Arthur and Corporate Englishness’

Ros Ballaster, ‘Improvising the author and operatic (non)sense: Henry Fielding’s Eurydice (1736)’

James Harriman-Smith, ‘“Verse is the Music of Language”: Daniel Webb and the Movements of the Passions’


4.30: Coffee/tea break

Session 3: 5.00 – 6.45

Bruno Forment, ‘“Non son io che parlo”? Probing the Interiority of Metastasian Characters’

Antonella D’Ovidio, ‘Beyond the model heroine: the voice of Andromache in Jommelli’s Astianatte

Ellen Lockhart, ‘To Carthage Then I Came: Hearing Consciousness on the Opera Seria Stage’


7.30: Conference dinner (venue: Arbequina 74 Cowley Road, Oxford OX4 1JB)

Friday 21 September

Session 4: 9.30 – 10.45

Suzanne Aspden, ‘The Sublime, the ombra scene, and the troubled mind’

Jessica Gabriel Peritz, ‘Lyric effusions: Breaking form and staging immediacy in Calzabigi and Bertoni’s Orfeo (Venice, 1776)’


10.45: Coffee/tea break

Session 5: 11.15-1.00

Michael Spitzer, ‘Analysing the Passions’

Estelle Joubert, ‘Melodramatic Workings of the Mind in Lenardo und Blandine (1779)’

Keith Chapin, ‘Pictures of the Self: Monologue Scenes’


1.00: Lunch

2:00-3.00: General discussion