Call for papers

This conference will aim to address two questions: How did the representation of interiority develop in eighteenth-century opera’s libretti and music? And were there different developmental paths for different genres or regions in the period?

To develop an answer to these questions, the conference invites paper proposals from scholars in the history of ideas as well as from music psychologists and opera historians. The combined expertise of opera historians, historians of ideas and music psychologists will, it is anticipated, facilitate a systematic interdisciplinary consideration of the ways in which opera’s structures and practices manifest contemporaneous thought on identity, the self and interiority.

Please send proposals of no more than 400 words to:

Proposals should include: title, author name and title, affiliation, email address, and any AV requirements.

Deadline for receipt of proposals: Monday 15 May 2017.

Notification of acceptance will be by 1 June.


NB: Papers will be pre-circulated in August 2017, and publication of a volume of essays arising from the conference is anticipated.