First Major Study of Herbert Howells Published

Dr David Maw, Tutor and Research Fellow in Music at Oriel College, and Lecturer at Christ Church, Queen’s and Trinity Colleges, is co-editor of a newly published volume on the music of Herbert Howells. This book is the first large-scale study of Howells’s music, affording both detailed consideration of individual works and a broad survey of general characteristics and issues.

Across 15 essays, the book addresses all aspects of the composer’s prolific output and probes many of the issues that it raises. The essays are gathered in five sections: Howells the Stylist examines one of the most striking aspect of the composer’s music, its strongly characterised personal voice; Howells the Vocal Composer addresses both his well-known contribution to church music and his less familiar, but also important, contribution to the genre of solo song; Howells the Instrumental Composer shows that he was no less accomplished for his work in genres without words, for which, in fact, he first made his name; Howells the Modern considers the composer’s rather overlooked contribution to the development of a modern voice for British music; and Howells in Mourning explores the important impact of his son’s death on his life and work.

The Music of Herbert Howells, edited by David Maw and Phillip Cooke, is published by Boydell & Brewer.