Graduate student Yijia Tu featured in new documentary series

Yijia Tu

Yijia Tu (Musicology, 2020) has been featured in a new documentary series One Voice: A Journey Trough the Past and Future of Human Voice, which showcases the diversity of vocal styles from around the world while exploring the issues facing vocalists in the music industry today.

Yijia was as a semi-finalist in the popular Chinese singer-songwriter talent show Sing My Song at the age of 16, from where she was plunged into stardom. Yijia released her debut album 17 with Sony Records and won several awards, including the ‘Media’s Choice Award’ at the 2015 Chinese Music Awards. Yijia was also nominated as ’Best New Chinese Artist’ at the Chinese Media Music Awards in the same year. After all these achievements, in 2016 Yijia moved to London to study and further explore her own musical identity. In this introspective and personal journey, Yijia reflects on the importance for artists to stick to their musical principles and passions. By doing so, she hopes to keep tradition alive and expand and diversify people’s musical taste and knowledge about cultures other than their own.

One Voice, a new digital series created by Asia House Arts and Learning, spotlights the enduring legacy of traditional singing in contemporary cultures in Asia and beyond. The main objective of One Voice is to offer young musicians and vocalists the opportunity to showcase their talent while indulging and educating our audience. The project is produced by Asia House Arts and Learning and supported by The Fenton Arts Trust, and is curated by Juan de Lara, Cultural Manager at Asia House.

Watch the full episode on YouTube.

Discover more of Yijia’s music on her Soundcloud page.