Carrie Rebecca Thompson

Research Interests

Vocal tuition of the male adolescent voice; Vocal Training Pedagogy; Bel Canto Style; Music in the Retail Sector

Area of proposed thesis

My MSt projects concentrate on:

  • How music is used to influence buyer behaviour in the Retail Environment
  • What is Bel Canto? Its History and how to perform in the Bel Canto Style

In the future, I would like to pursue a DPhil researching the vocal training of the male ‘breaking’ voice, with the aim of creating a teaching programme/method which can be used in the group teaching setting i.e. Classrooms, School Choirs, Church Choirs, Theatre Schools, Private Group Tuition. The method would take into consideration the physical and psychological needs of the male student, with the aim of achieving a smooth transition between the ‘pre-pubertal’ voice and the ‘post-break’ voice.


Subjects Taught