Christabel Stirling

Research Interests

Anthropology of music, social and cultural theory, dancing and dance cultures, sonic methodologies, music and politics, affect, architecture and urban studies.

Area of proposed thesis

My thesis is a comparative ethnography of musical and sonic publics in London, with a particular interest in questions of affect, urban life, and social change. Drawing upon four field sites–representative broadly of sound art, classical music, electronic dance music, and dub reggae–I trace different kinds of sonic socialities currently emerging in and across London, exploring the extent to which normative social and spatial stratifications are reconfigured or reproduced by music/sound.


Ertegun Graduate Scholarship in the Humanities 2012-2015 (University of Oxford)

AHRC-Block Grant Partnership Award 2011-2012 (Oxford Brookes University)

Subjects Taught

The Psychology of Music in Everyday Life

The Socio-Cultural Study of Music

Popular Culture and Urban Studies

Global Hip-Hop