Joseph Currie

Research Interests

My written and compositional research explores meaning-making systems in the body, asking how these might function in relation to meaning-making systems in verbal language and traditional notions of representation. This has led me, amongst other things, to research theories of inscription, ecological structures of performance, the relationship between sound and image, and noise music.

Area of proposed thesis

‘in other words meat’: meaning between gesture and thought

My thesis explores possible common ground between Antonin Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty and Helmut Lachenmann’s musique concrète instrumentale, proposing that Artaud’s deconstruction of theatre’s Logos might find parallel in Lachenmann’s music and writings. Through this proposition, I aim further to interrogate the nexus between music, language, and the body, asking questions about the possibility, and validity, of a musical Logos.


AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership

John Brookman Scholarship, Wadham College

Subjects Taught