Joseph Currie

Research Interests

Semiotics, queer theory, information theory, poststructuralism, ecological theory, phenomenology.

Area of proposed thesis

Noise in Helmut Lachenmann’s musique concrète instrumentale

My thesis looks at the function of noise within Helmut Lachenmann’s musique concrète instrumentale, with a particular focus on possible intertextual relationships between Dal niente (Intérieur III) and Accanto. Through this, I aim to push an understanding of noise up to the point at which it has no opposite, suggesting that this unusual capacity of noise can provide a useful conceptual framework to understand other non-binary systems.


AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership

John Brookman Scholarship, Wadham College

Graduate Development Scholarship, St Anne’s College

Subjects Taught

Musical Thought and Scholarship

Music History 2 (particularly topics post-1900)