Hannah Schneider

Research Interests

20th/21st century opera, Soviet music, Socialist Realism, adaptation, opera and politics/geography, theological aesthetics, orchestral/operatic conducting,

Area of proposed thesis

My research focuses on the development of Soviet opera after the death of Stalin in 1953.  Particularly, I analyse the career of Rodion Shchedrin by engaging both his operas and the cultural, political and social contexts. I analyse four operas, ranging form 1961 to 2015, and interrogate the ways in which they cohered with, and diverged from, the surrounding trends in opera writing. I engage with central themes that have occupied scholars of the late Soviet period, including Socialist Realism, modernism, consumer culture, relations with the West, political ideology, Soviet morality, religious revival, and neo-conservatism and nationalism.


Rhodes Scholarship

Subjects Taught