Jason Weir

Research Interests

Nineteenth- and early twentieth-century music, particularly orchestral and chamber repertoire; urban ecologies and soundscapes in fin-de-siècle Vienna; auditory culture and early modernism.

Area of proposed thesis

Jason is currently in his first year of the DPhil course and his research, supervised by Prof. Daniel Grimley, focuses on sonic experience and auditory culture in fin-de-siècle Vienna. One of his key research aims is to explore how the changing perceptions of urban sound were mediated through musical and social forms of interaction, and to what extent the accelerated development of space in the historical centre and suburbs shaped such interactions.

Jason is particularly interested in the history of noise abatement campaigns across Europe as well as the moral and political implications that lay behind the efforts of the Viennese Antinoise League. He hopes to provide a fresh approach to the relationship between auditory culture, musical life and urban modernism in Vienna by scrutinizing the transitional spaces between fields of knowledge.


Oxford-Leon E and Iris L Beghian Graduate Scholarship

Subjects Taught