Landon Peck

Research Interests

Music and Emotions

Cognitive Musicology


Recent Work

Peck, L.S.L. (September 2017) Experiences and Appraisals of Musical Awe. SysMus17, 10th International Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology, Queen Mary, University of London, United Kingdom.

Area of proposed thesis

My project focuses on the experiences and cognitive appraisal models of musical awe. Through this research I investigate how experiences of musically-induced awe are created through empirical psychological methods. Psychologists have identified two key components for the production of awe: perception of vastness and a need for accommodation (change of existing mental schemas). My project seeks to examine these ideas with respect to music to better understand how we experience awe from music and what is involved in its production. The project is divided into multiple parts including participant questionnaires, psychophysiological experiments, and interviews with composers and the public to better understand the musical, social, and personal components of awe.


Subjects Taught

Introduction to the Psychology of Music

Psychology of Performance