Marinu Leccia

Research Interests

20th Century Music, British Music, Benjamin Britten, Music and Education, Aesthetics

Area of proposed thesis

Games are an important part of the life of Benjamin Britten: from tennis evenings with friends, fierce cricket games, gobbledygook conversations, with passion for fast gleaming cars and admiration for the childhood world. But what about Britten’s compositional processes? Are they following the same line? Is game, in its metaphorical sense, the goad of such a prolific work? My research tries to unravel the whys and wherefores of the issue, from an empirical analytical approach of Britten’s pieces, as well as in an investigation into how Britten was introduced to music as a child (juvenilia, textbooks, repertoires, piano-exercises). The ”solfeggio”, music material inspired and derived from the educational world, will be examined as a centre of a compositional game involving a great variety of combined influences.

My research is supervised by Doctor Joanna Bullivant and Professor Laura Tunbridge.


Cullettività di Corsica

Subjects Taught