Samuel Teague

Research Interests

Seventeenth-century English church and court music; Chapel Royal; early modern music printing and publishing; manuscript and archive study; Elizabethan church and court music

Area of proposed thesis

My research focusses on Captain Henry Cooke, Master of the Children of the Chapel Royal from the Restoration of the monarchy, in 1660, until his death in 1672. Whilst his pupils, including Pelham Humfrey, John Blow, and Henry Purcell, would surpass him in both ability and fame, Cooke’s tuition restarted the choral chorister tradition that had been lost across the previous two decades during the Civil Wars and Interregnum. My thesis aims to fill out the significant gaps in Cooke’s biography and present his surviving compositions in new editions. Most importantly, I look to trace his pedagogy through the work of his pupils, to shift the purview of the English Restoration School away from Purcell, and back to its roots with Cooke. This doctoral research project is supervised by Professor Owen Rees.


The Michael James Music Trust

Subjects Taught