Stefanie Arend

Research Interests

19th/20th century opera, music and film (specifically: sound and silent movie operettas, MGM’s early musicals), music and media, music and literature, Tanztheater, entertainment and jazz music genres of the Weimar years, (digital) music editing, digital performance culture


Area of proposed thesis

My project, supervised by Prof. Laura Tunbridge, explores the social, media-related and cultural resonances found in sound movie operettas from Weimar’s Golden Years (1929-1933) by scrutinising the influence of transnational migratory movements and emerging medial networks on the various manifestations of the musical genre. It will investigate how structural and cultural modifications in Berlin’s early music and film industry enabled the dissemination and remediation of a commercially minded musical form beyond the borders of Germany and Austria.


Clarendon Fund

New College Graduate Scholarship

AMS Membership and Professional Development Grant

RMA Fellowes Grant

Subjects Taught

Prelims Special Topics: Mozart’s Concertos, Strauss & Representations of Women, Foundations in the Study of Music, Issues in the Study of Music

FHS Topics: Pastoral Idylls: The 19th Century Symphony, 18th Century Opera, Modernism in Vienna

(Balliol, Brasenose, Keble, Magdalen, New, Oriel, Somerville, St John’s, Worcester)

University of the Arts, Berlin: 8 Lectures on Entertainment Music Culture in Berlin’s Golden Years