Music Alumna Nomi Dave featured in UVA Today Spotlight

UVA Associate Professor of Music Nomi Dave, who completed her DPhil in music and social anthropology at the University of Oxford in 2012, was featured this month in the University of Virginia’s Daily Report. Dave initially trained as a lawyer, working in the fields of human rights and immigration in the USA and West Africa, before moving into anthropology and music. Her current work brings together her expertise in both fields.

Dave’s research focuses largely on the Republic of Guinea, and the ‘the role music and sound play in culture and politics, as well as uses of the human voice, literally and figuratively.’ Her monograph on the subject, The Revolution’s Echoes: Music, Politics, and Pleasure in Guinea, was recently awarded a book prize from the Society for Ethnomusicology.

In an email on her research and monograph, Dave summarises her argument as such: ‘People always love the idea of protest music – especially in Africa, foreigners are always looking for stories of protest musicians – but in fact the vast majority of musicians intentionally don’t engage in protest or politics. That’s true in Guinea, in the U.S., in most places around the world.’

You can read more about Nomi Dave’s life, research, and work in her Faculty Spotlight in UVA Today.