Music Curriculum Renewal

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

For the past couple of years, the Faculty of Music has been planning some exciting new developments to our curriculum (in consultation with our staff and students), which we will be pleased to publish in the summer, once they have University approval. While retaining — and in no way diminishing — the Faculty’s traditional excellence in the critical analysis, history, and performance of a broad range of western art music from Machaut to Sound Art (via Mozart and Beethoven), we are also enhancing our students’ opportunities to study a range of non-western and popular music from across the world, alongside our courses in music composition, the psychology and sociology of music, music education, conducting, and much more. So, for example, our longstanding ‘techniques of composition’ (harmony and counterpoint) course for first years will now be enhanced with the addition of music arranging and transcription (encompassing western classical, popular, and non-western options). At the same time, our recent appointment of a new Associate Professor of Popular Music will allow us to expand our range of courses on popular music — while other staff will continue to offer already established courses. These established courses include topics from Orlando di Lasso to Global Hip Hop to Music, Mind, and Behaviour in the first year, and from the Troubadours and the Renaissance Madrigal to the 19th-century Symphony, Women in Popular Music, the History of Music Education and World Jazz in the second and third years. These courses, like all our teaching, will continue to change and evolve as part of our commitment to offering students cutting-edge teaching led by our research. We will be pleased to add a greater range of topics on contemporary popular music to that research-led offering from next year. We look forward to sharing our curriculum with you in the coming months.