New publication co-authored by Professor Georgina Born explores music in the age of AI

How are algorithms influencing the production and consumption of culture? A new white paper (PDF) on ‘Artificial Intelligence, Music Recommendation, and the Curation of Culture’ has just been published by the University of Toronto’s Schwartz Reisman Institute authored by Oxford’s Professor Georgina Born (Professor of Music and Anthropology) along with Professor Jeremy Morris (University of Madison-Wisconsin), Professor Ashton Anderson (University of Toronto), and Professor Fernando Diaz (Google). Combining insights from digital media studies, critical data studies and popular music studies with those from computer science, the innovative publication is one of the first to probe AI’s effects on the curation of culture, with a focus on music recommendation systems. Georgina Born comments, “With sections examining how particular theories of music and of the listening subject are built into algorithmic recommendation, as well as the effects of global services on musical diversity, and AI’s long-term impact on cultural consumption, the paper ignites an urgent public conversation”.

Professor Georgina Born is Professor of Music and Anthropology and Professorial Fellow at Mansfield College. She previously directed the European Research Council funded research programme, ‘Music, Digitisation, Mediation: Towards Interdisciplinary Music Studies’. Her research interests include the anthropology and sociology of music and digital media; cultural production; cultural institutions; and public service media.

Read more about the research on the Schwartz Reisman Institute website. The paper is available to read here.

Image © Possessed Photography.