OUO Japan Project 2019

Dr Cayenna Ponchione-Bailey, a postdoctoral researcher on the the Faculty’s AHRC-funded Transforming 19th- Century HIP project, will be leading the Oxford University Orchestra (OUO) through their March 2019 Japan Project, as guest conductor. Through partnering with Japanese Orchestra MOTIF and El Sistema Japan, including side-by-side musical performances, the Project seeks to make a meaningful connection with the children of Soma City, many of whom still suffer from PTSD and stunted experiential development following the Fukushima disaster – which saw many children orphaned, relocated into shelters, and restricted from outside exposure owing to radiation levels. This year marks the eighth anniversary of the disaster.

A good proportion of the OUO instrumentalists are members of the Faculty, and are seeking a profession in the performance sector. This project will provide invaluable international experience to benefit their career growth.  OUO has never previously undertaken such a project, and are thus seeking financial support to make this experience possible.

Further information can be found at the OUO website.