Barbara Haws

Degrees M.A. (History) New York University
Course DPhil Musicology
College New College
Address New College
Holywell St.
Oxford OX1 3BN

19th /20th century orchestras: orchestra significance in urban culture, 19th century American orchestra, musician community in different cultures, changing role of conductor, evolving instruments and instrumentation, music and memory, music and humanities, music scores and parts as sources for humanities, OMR, Gustav Mahler, Leonard Bernstein.

Ureli Correli Hill, the first American-born musician to travel, work, and study abroad, 1835-37 and the founding of the New York Philharmonic in 1842 – the first permanent symphony orchestra as a democratic institution. My research, supervised by Professor Michael Burden will investigate the impact of Hill’s English and Continental experiences on the founding of the American Philharmonic, as well as the cultural and democratic influences unfolding in Jacksonian America.


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