Landon Peck

Degrees MA Psychology of Music (University of Sheffield), BA Religious Studies (Indiana University)
Course DPhil Music
College Christ Church
Address St Aldates

Music and Emotions; Cognitive Musicology; Aesthetics.

Empirical and Modelling Approaches to the Psychology of Musical Awe

My project focuses on the experiences and cognitive appraisal models of musical awe. Through this research I investigate how experiences of musically-induced awe are created through psychological methodology. Theorists have identified two key components for the production of awe: perception of vastness and a change in existing mental schemas. My project seeks to examine these ideas with respect to music to better understand how we experience awe from music and what is involved in its production. The project is divided into multiple parts including participant questionnaires, perceptual experiments, and computer modelling to uncover and explore the components of musical awe.

Recent Work

Peck, L.S.L. (2019, September) Primary Text Analyses of Recorded Musical Experiences of Awe and the Sublime. Paper presented at the 11th International Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology, Berlin, Germany.

Peck, L.S.L. (2019, March) Generalisability and Bifurcation of Music Associated with Experiences of Awe. Paper presented at 2019 SEMPRE Graduate Conference, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Peck, L.S.L. (2018, July) Musical Awe: Appraisal Models and Complex Emotional Experiences. Paper presented at the 15th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition and 10th triennial conference of the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music, Graz, Austria.

American Friends’ of Christ Church Scholarship

Music, Mind and Behaviour

Introduction to the Psychology of Music

Psychology of Performance

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