Quantifying music: imagined metrics in digital startup culture

Culture, theory and critique

Departmental Lecturer in Music (in association with LMH) Dr Thomas Hodgson has recently published the article ‘Quantifying music: imagined metrics in digital startup culture‘ in the journal Culture, Theory and Critique. This paper examines the lived experiences and ethical dilemmas of investors and staff in London’s digital music startup culture.

Dr Thomas Hodgson is an ethnomusicologist who studies algorithms and AI in the global south. He is currently writing a book – Journeys of Love: Kashmiris, Music, and the Poetics of Migration – which explores questions of value and exchange among musicians in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir and the Kashmiri diaspora. Tom is also a practicing musician, having recorded and toured extensively around the world with the Oxford indie-folk band Stornoway. Along with the band’s bassist, Oli Steadman, he went on to establish the music tech platform Tigmus (This is Good Music), which uses data and analytics to match artists with venues.

Read the full article on the Taylor & Francis website.