Registration Open for the ‘Wagner 1900’ Conference

You can now register for the exciting interdisciplinary conference ‘Wagner 1900’, which will take place between Monday 9th and Wednesday 11th April 2018 and is hosted jointly by the Faculty of Music and Jesus College, Oxford. The conference’s organising committee includes our very own Anna Stoll Knecht, Roger Allen, and Peter Franklin..

‘Wagner 1900’ will investigate the impact of Richard Wagner on fin-de-siècle Vienna in music, history, politics, the visual arts, theatre and German culture. There will be a rich academic programme, featuring the keynote speakers Barry Millington and Patrick Carnegy. This conference is not all about papers, however. Two performances will be at the centre of the conference: each integrates and opens key issues of performance practice in historical and contemporary staging, thus making ‘Wagner 1900’ a unique combination of research-based performance and performance-based research. The reconstruction of Gustav Mahler’s production of Wagner’s Tristan in 1903 will open a new perspective to investigate the complex interpretative questions raised by historical performances, while John Casken’s new piece Kokoschka’s Doll (2017), performed by the distinguished bass Sir John Tomlinson with the acclaimed ensemble Counterpoise, offers a seminal contribution by proposing a contemporary vision of fin-de-siècle Vienna.

You can register for the conference online until 18th March; the concerts are included in the registration fee and there are a number of options for registration including the possibility to attend a ‘Wagnerian Conference Dinner’. We look forward to welcoming Wagnerians of all kinds to Oxford!

Picture shows a section of the conference’s logo, designed by Gabriele Donati (New York).