Ruth Bernatek, Dr Matilde Meireles, and Dr Christabel Stirling Appointed as Research Fellows for the the SONCITIES project


The Faculty of Music is pleased to announce the appointment of three research fellows: Ruth Bernatek, Dr Matilde Meireles, and Dr Christabel Stirling.

Ruth Bernatek is an architectural and urban historian and theorist. Her research explores sound in the built environment, with a particular focus on audiovisual spaces since 1950. In her academic and curatorial projects, Ruth uses interdisciplinary modes of writing, model-making, film, and exhibition to engage critically and creatively with sound archives, sites and their histories.

Dr Matilde Meireles is a recordist, sound artist, and researcher who makes use of field recordings to compose site-oriented projects. Her projects often have a multi-sensorial and holistic approach to ‘site’, and draw from her studies and experience in such areas as field-recording, site-specific visual arts and design.

Dr Christabel Stirling is a musicologist specialising in ethnographic approaches to contemporary music and sound art. Her research explores the social relations and coalitions that music and sound produce in their live forms, focusing particularly on the potential for such coalitions to transform or reinforce dominant social and spatial orders.

They join the project Sonorous Cities: Towards a Sonic Urbanism (SONCITIES), funded by the European Research Council and lead by Professor Gascia Ouzounian. Professor Ouzounian writes, ‘I’m delighted to be working with a brilliant group of researchers who each bring clear strengths to the project, from the fields of architecture studies, sound studies, and sonic arts. It’s been wonderful to launch this new phase of the project in collaboration with them, which will include an ethnographic study of London residents’ experiences of their sonic environments; and a co-authored book, Handbook of Sonic Urbanism, which will critically explore a range of topics including urban sonic architectures, sonic cartographies, acoustic planning, and more.

We also look forward to hosting workshops, a seminar series, and Design Weeks on sonic urbanism. These will be announced through our newsletter and social media—please sign up on our website and join the dialogue as these events are announced!’