Saxton Best Album 2018

A CD devoted exclusively to the piano music of Robert Saxton has been selected as one of the Sunday Times’s Best Classical Music Albums of 2018.

The recording made by pianist Clare Hammond was released earlier this year on the Toccata Classics label.

Hammond writes:

‘In its bell-like sonorities, clear textures and ritual manner, the piano music of Robert Saxton suggests an almost oriental fascination with light and the way light refracts and diffracts – and yet it is audibly music written by an Englishman. In the two Books of Saxton’s Hortus Musicae in particular, this fascinating confluence generates a soundworld somewhere downstream from Takemitsu and Tippett, giving these gardens of music both a ceremonial dignity and sense of spring growth.’

Further information and sound excerpts can be found on the Toccata Classics website.