Scoring the City: Website and Online Exhibition

Professor Gascia Ouzounian and John Bingham-Hall (Theatrum Mundi) are pleased to announce the launch of the online exhibition and website, an outcome of Ouzounian’s TORCH-sponsored KE Fellowship with Theatrum Mundi.

This experiment at the intersection of urbanism and experimental music takes inspiration from graphic scores as dynamic forms that could offer new ways of notating the relationship between design ideas, built form, and social life: in other words, between scoring and performing urban space. They write: ‘Throughout 2019 we hosted four workshops in very different cities with common challenges: London and Paris, two global cities needing to create flexible space to accommodate rapid economic and socio-cultural change; and Belfast and Beirut, cities marked by conflict and a need to find common spaces across sectarian divides. The workshops invited architects and composers to explore a site, share their observations, and create scores that challenge the static nature of the architectural blueprint.’

The site includes:
SCORES by project participants exploring notations for urban and architectural design.
ESSAYS reflecting on the relationships of scoring, design, infrastructuring, and urban form.
RESOURCES including the workshop handbook.
ACTIONS documenting workshops and other events.

The project was conceived and led jointly by Gascia Ouzounian and John Bingham-Hall, with research and coordination support from Fani Kostourou and Conor McCafferty. It is funded by The Oxford Research Centre for the Humanities and Theatrum Mundi, and was supported in kind by LCC’s CRiSAP, Belfast Harboour Commissioners, and Plateau Urbain.

Scoring the City follows previous collaborations between Theatrum Mundi and Professor Ouzounian’s research group Recomposing the City: the Acoustic Cities Study Day, the Beirut-London exchange workshop Urban Soundscape and the Politics of Memory, and a subsequent edition published by Optophono, Acoustic Cities: London & Beirut.

Contributors: Richard DoughertyUna LeeSharon PhelanMhamad SafaJonathan PackhamJake JohnsonFani KostourouDiogo AlvimAura SatzRennie Tang & Lisa SandlosMatilde MeirelesDavid Buck & Eleni-Ira PanourgiaCarola Moujan.


Image: ‘Flax Flower’ by Richard Dougherty