Spectralisms Programme


Wednesday 15 March 2017

09.15  Welcome

09.30  1A – in vain and Beyond

BAUER, Amy (University of California, Irvine): Listening between darkness and light: the materiality of the visual in post-spectral orchestral music

HUTCHINSON, Mark (York St John University):  Stairways in the dark: sound, syntax and the sublime in Haas’s in vain

HOFFMANN, Marco (University of Siegen): ‘… Man is blind and merely dreams of seeing …’ Critical Austrian reception of spectralism in Georg Friedrich Hass’s in vain

09.30  1B – Harmony, Timbre, Noise

SULLIVAN, Tim (SUNY, Potsdam): Lines and resonances: melodic and harmonic structures in spectral music

GAINEY, Christopher (University of British Columbia): Timbre-harmony in the opening of Tristan Murail’s Désintégrations

PUSTIJANAC, Ingrid (Università di Pavia): Beyond the spectra: the role of noise in Grisey’s and Murail’s early spectral works


11.00  Break (Coffee)

11.30  Keynote Lecture

Tristan Murail: ‘Who invented spectral music?’

12.30  Lunch


14.00  2A – Rhythm, Temporality, Form (I)

JAKUBOWSKI, Joseph R. (Washington University in St. Louis):  Spectral meter: metric cognition, conflict, and form in Grisey’s Vortex Temporum

EXARCHOS, Dimitris (Goldsmiths, University of London): The skin of spectral time in Grisey’s percussion music

NOH, Stephan (National University of Seoul): La notion de la temporalité dans la musique spectrale de Gérard Grisey

14.00  2B – After Spectralism? (I)

BESADA, José Luis (Ircam): Post-spectral influences in Spanish contemporary music: from mathematical formalisms to Flamenco

RUI, Pereira Jorge (CESEM, Nova University, Lisbon): Spectralism beyond spectral music: how other musical practices absorbed spectral issues

MOROZ, Nicholas (University of Oxford): Technical hybridity and metabolism of sound in Fausto Romitelli’s Professor Bad Trip triptych


15.30  Break (Coffee)


16.00  3A – Rhythm, Temporality, Form (II)

MASSON, Jean-Baptiste (IPEM, University of Gent; Conservatoire de Reims): Le dynamisme dans le statisme. Pansonorité, spectralisme et relativité du temps

SCHEUREGGER, Martin (University of Lincoln): Spectral thinking in the music of George Benjamin

16.00  3B – After Spectralism? (II)

FELICI, Candida (Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali, Pavia): In search of sound: Jonathan Harvey’s music between spirituality and avant-garde

D’AGUIAR, Felipe Pinto (University of Massachusetts): Perspectives on the String Quartet No. 3 by G. F. Haas and the idea of a common practice in new music


17.00  Break

19.30  Concert at the Jacqueline du Pré Music Building given by London Sinfonietta of works by Murail, Grisey, Saariaho and Koskelin.

c.20.45 Drinks Reception


Thursday 16 March

09.30  4A – Grisey’s Compositional Process

COSSETTINI, Luca (MIRAGE Lab, University of Udine): Jour, Contre-jour by Gérard Grisey: beyond spectralism

FÉRON, François-Xavier (Université de Bordeaux): Spectra, sinusoid, inserts and phasing: an analysis of compositional materials and process in Anubis-Nout (1983/1990) by Gérard Grisey

CASTELLENGO, Michèle (IrcInstitut d’Alembert LAM—Université Paris 6): Processus de création dans Solo pour deux pour clarinette et trombone (1981–2) de Gérard Grisey

09.30  4B – Creative Approaches

POTTIER, Laurent (Université Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne): Advanced tools for writing spectral music with specialized CAMD (Computer Aided Music Composition) libraries in Open-Music

MAURIN, Frédéric (composer, director of Ping Machine): Use of techniques derived from spectral music in the renewal of musical material for large jazz ensemble: application with the ensemble Ping Machine

FIELD, Ambrose (University of York): Reverse spectralism: composing with site-specific resonance mapping


11.00  Break (Coffee)

11.30  Invited Speaker

Julian Anderson: ‘The map versus the territory: towards a redefinition of spectralism’

12.30  Lunch break


13.30  5B – Ecological and Technological Perspectives                                                                                                                                  

NONKEN, Marilyn (New York University): Hugues Dufourt and L’origine du monde: ‘La mémoire, c’est l’avenir du passé’

MASON, William (Columbia University): Hugues Dufourt and the ‘subject’ of computer music

YOUNG, John (De Montfort University): Partial Objects : Acousmatic Spectralism

MAESTRO, Eric (Université de Strasbourg; Université Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne): Les Nuages de Magellan (1973) de Tristan Murail : la musique spectrale, une musique technomorphe?

13.30 5B – Politics and Spectral Reconsiderations

FOURIE, William (Royal Holloway, University of London): Spectres of resistance: reading the politics of dissensus in the work of Andile Khumalo

FORD, Mike (Columbia University): Spectralism as activism: Georg Friedrich Haas’s musical response to the death of Eric Garner

LEVY, Benjamin R. (University of California, Santa Barbara): Ligeti and spectralism: distant resonances

MAWHINNEY, Simon (Queen’s University, Belfast): Boulez the spectralist

13.30  5C – Spectral Voices

GRIMES, Nicole (University of California, Irvine): Giving voice to spectralism: Donnacha Dennehy and the embodiment of sound

SHOLL, Robert (Royal Academy of Music; University of West London): Jean-Louis Florentz: Hospitality and Spectralism

HASELBOECK, Lukas (University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna): “La voix comme radicale altérité”: Sound and meaning in Grisey’s Quatre Chants pour franchir le seuil 


15.30  Break (Coffee)

16.00 Closing Panel: Repositioning Spectralism – participants Amy Bauer, Jonathan Cross, Nicolas Donin, Patricia Alessandrini

17.00 End of Conference