Here is why Music alumnus Enrique Sacau has decided to donate to the Faculty

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When I left the Faculty of Music I did it with very mixed feelings. On the one hand, I was tremendously looking forward to starting a new career – given that I now work in wealth management platforms, many of you may be wondering why! On the other, I was leaving behind what’s been, undoubtedly, my most defining period yet.

It had all started when I arrived in Oxford from provincial Spain with a BA in History and a PGCE. My level of English was appalling, so much so that, applying today’s much stricter language requirements, my application wouldn’t even have been considered. In the MSt in Musicology I immediately had to read and discuss very complex texts under the supervision of people you couldn’t really fool – Suzie Clark, Professor Peter Franklin, Emanuele Senici and Professor Reinhard Strohm.

No less inquisitive were some of my peers. Open debate, stimulating colleagues and the freedom as well as the duty to think and write opened my eyes to a new intellectual world. This was the key to my academic development and a source of happiness, both in my first year and during the DPhil. In the end, I was equipped with a marvellous toolkit (critical thinking, writing and presentation skills and, er, English!) that has since allowed me to develop a new understanding of the world and of myself. In my current profession there hardly goes a day in which I don’t think of something I learnt from my time devoted to music history in the Faculty or the Bodleian. Similarly, as a son, an uncle, a friend and a partner, I’m forever in debt for what I learnt at Oxford. Indeed, the Faculty contributes to society at large by educating people, whatever they may end up doing.

While at Oxford I enjoyed the sponsorship of many, including the Faculty of Music – some paid for my fees, some for my conference and research trips. I feel it now to be my duty to support the institution and the development of the students. Helping out is also a way of being part of it, entertaining the thought that, behind the spreadsheet that awaits me when I stop writing this article, there is another part of me who’s still there in St Aldate’s.

Enrique Sacau
MSt, The Queen’s College
DPhil, St Catherine’s College
Currently Managing Director Europe at FNZ Ltd