TORCH announces HCP Visiting Fellowship with interdisciplinary artist Khaled Kaddal

Khaled Kaddal

TORCH (The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities) has recently announced that Khaled Kaddal has been awarded a HCP Visiting Fellowship as part of the Humanities Cultural Programme (HCP). The application is led and supported by Junior Research Fellow Dr Darci Sprengel.

Khaled Kaddal is an interdisciplinary artist, raised in Egypt and currently resident in London. His hybrid practice includes computational media, sound, generative images and sculpture. Working with political and mythical narratives, his aesthetical research contemplates on two interdependent abstractions; ‘Immortality of Time’ and ‘Sovereignty of Space’, in search for the imperishable balance between intelligence, emotions and moral judgments in both digital and physical realities.

For more information on Khaled Kaddal’s Visiting Fellowship, visit TORCH’s website.