Elizabeth Eva Leach awarded the Roland Jackson Award

liz leach headshot

We are delighted to report that a Music Analysis publication, “Do Trouvère Melodies Mean Anything?” by Elizabeth Eva Leach, has been awarded the American Musicological Society’s Roland Jackson Award. The Roland Jackson Award is awarded by the AMS each year for outstanding work in music analysis. It is indicative of the superlative quality of Elizabeth Eva Leach’s work that their publication has been honoured with this distinction.

Professor Leach is both a music theorist and musicologist, with wide-ranging interests in everything from the minutiae of musical structures and manuscripts to the broadest cultural, historical, and philosophical contexts for music. Her principal focus has been on music and poetry of the fourteenth century, although she has also written about songs from both earlier and later periods. In the Faculty, Professor Leach lectures on the music of Guillaume de Machaut and the Trouvères. She is also currently Director of Research.

Professor Leach commented on the news:

I am delighted and honoured to win the Roland Jackson Award from the world’s largest scholarly society for musicology. I hope recognizing my article on the fascinating poet-composer Blondel de Nesle (“Do Trouvère Melodies Mean Anything”, the answer to which is “yes, but it’s complicated”) in this way will lead people also to the whole special issue of Music Analysis in which it was published, which contains other wonderful articles analysing medieval music. 

In order to read about Professor Leach’s article, take a look at the blog post she wrote about it here.