Increasing access


The Faculty of Music welcomes applicants from any and all backgrounds. If you’re excited about the idea of studying the history, theory, performance, and composition of music from around the world then Oxford could be for you! If you are interested in learning more about studying music here, you can attend one of our Open days to find out more. We also participate in many events and initiatives that give you the opportunity to find out more about the course and life at the University.


These conferences run every March in locations around the country. They give Year 12 students an insight into what living and studying at Oxford and Cambridge is like, and provide information about how the application process works. Their website changes every year, but up-to-date information about these and other events may be found here:


UNIQ is a free, annual residential course open to state-educated students who are in their first year of A-levels or equivalent studies. The wider course provides sustained online support leading up to a residential in Oxford, where you get the opportunity to attend lectures and tutorials in Music, meet other prospective students, and receive information about preparing an application. You can find out more about the course and how to apply on the UNIQ website:


The Faculty of Music fully participates in Opportunity Oxford. This is an academic programme that helps to prepare talented UK offer-holders from under-represented backgrounds for successful student careers at our university.  

Under the programme, selected Oxford offer-holders participate in an academic bridging programme which supports them in their transition from school or college to our university. This ambitious programme explores and develops high-level academic skills that support the success of participants in their further studies. Opportunity Oxford also gives an insight into what life as an Oxford student is like so, when participants arrive to start their degree course, they can feel confident and know exactly what is expected of them and what to expect from Oxford. We hope that the programme will be enjoyable and rewarding and will give participants a great start to their university careers. 

You can find out more about this scheme here:


The University, Faculty, and colleges run many events and programmes throughout the year. You can find out more about upcoming events and access digital resources on the University’s Increasing Access pages here: