New Book on the Medieval Dominicans and Music

The Medieval Dominicans: Buildings, Books, Music and Liturgy, edited by Prof Christian Leitmeir (University of Oxford) and Dr Eleanor Giraud (University of Limerick), was published by Brepols as part of their Medieval Monastic Series. This edited book germinated from the TORCH-funded conference on ‘The Influences of the Dominican Order in the Middle Ages’, that was organised by Giraud, while holding a Lord Crewe Junior Research Fellowship at Lincoln College.

The Order of Preachers, who had been present in Oxford for some 800 years and maintain a Permanent Private Hall, has famously bred some of the leading intellectual lights of the Middle Ages. While their achievements in theology, philosophy, languages, law and sciences have attracted much scholarly interest, significant engagement of Dominicans with liturgy, the visual arts and music has remained relatively unexplored. These aspects and their manifold interconnections form the focal point of this interdisciplinary volume. Across fourteen chapters, specialists from art history, musicology, liturgics and book history present a rich and variegated picture of how the Dominicans interacted with, and contributed to, visual, musical, musical and devotional culture.

A detailed description of the book can be found here.