Matt Collins

Degrees BA (Brunel), MMus (Brunel)
Course DPhil Music (Composition)
College St Hilda's College 
Address St Hilda's College
Cowley Place
Oxford OX4 1DY

Composition; mixed electroacoustic music; electronic music; psychology and phenomenology of timbre, contemporary music analysis.

My thesis, supervised by Prof. Martyn Harry and Prof. Gascia Ouzounian, will explore notions of timbral ‘blend’ in mixed electroacoustic compositions from the last fifty years. Through the analysis of a series of contemporary works, I intend to examine how the timbres of acoustic and electronic instruments may be utilised, manipulated or exploited in order to bridge an oft-perceived sense of aesthetic disconnect when they are used together. This research will inform the portfolio of compositions that will accompany my dissertation.

For more information and to listen to recordings of my own work, visit:

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