Dr Joseph Mason and Dr Meghan Quinlan discuss the singer-songwriters of thirteenth-century France

Weston Junior Research Fellow in Music Dr Joseph Mason (Lincoln College 2010) has been featured in BBC Radio 3's The Early Music Show, alongside alumna Dr Meghan Quinlan (Merton College 2011). The episode covers the music of the trouvères, the northern cousins of the more famous troubadours of the thirteenth century. Their songs cover the gamut from courtly love to religious devotion via the Crusades and political and personal conflicts.

Dr Joseph Mason (Lincoln College 2010) is a historical musicologist specialising in vocal music in medieval Europe. His current research focuses on the songs of the trouvères, poet-composers active in Northern France in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. He is particularly interested in musical meaning, both from the perspective of cultural history, and as a music analyst. He is currently completing research for a monograph on music and violence in thirteenth-century song.

To listen to the episode, please visit the BBC website.