Dr Robert Laidlow's 'Silicon' to be premiered by the BBC Philharmonic

On 22 April, 'Silicon' composed for the BBC Philharmonic by Dr Robert Laidlow (Career Development Fellow in Music, Jesus College) will be broadcast on BBC Radio 3. The piece is a large-scale work for orchestra using artificial intelligence. 

Dr Robert Laidlow composes music that explores the role of advanced technology within the creative process. His work focusses on the integration of technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and video games into contemporary classical music. He frequently collaborates on my music with scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. Previous examples of collaborations include the Alan Turing Institute, Google Magenta, OpenAI, Cambridge Design Partnership and RNCM PRiSM, with whom he undertook his PhD. He is also interested in the translation of physical science into sound. Work in this area has resulted in an ongoing series of pieces translating the four fundamental interactions into music in addition to music incorporating scientific apparatus as a live instrument.

To listen to the broadcast please visit the BBC website.