Professor Laura Tunbridge Contributes to BBC Radio 4 Series 'In Time to the Music'

Professor Laura Tunbridge is being featured in a three-part series on BBC Radio Four called 'In Time to the Music'Each episode explores the ways certain songs - My Funny Valentine, Plaisir d'amour and House of the Rising Sun - have managed to reach out over time, across genres, class, race and continents.

The first episode explores the journey of My Funny Valentine from Broadway musical in 1937 to Chet Baker's theme tune in 1954 and its most recent variations with R&B artist Justina Valentine, Norwegian singing prodigy Angelina Jordan, and Brooklyn based, Neo-Soul singer Hadassah. The programme also examines other music that has travelled through time.

Professor Laura Tunbridge is featured alongside musicologists Richard Dumbrill and Julia Doe, writer Will Friedwald, jazz pianist and educator Gareth Williams and jazz singer Ian Shaw.

To listen to the episodes, please visit the BBC website. For more information about Professor Laura Tunbridge, please see her profile.